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Tremedous Truck! Don't miss it out!

I have to give up on this beauty because of an emergency matter, otherwise, I would live with it forever!

Hello there! My name is Julie Evans, 28 years old, mother, wife, daughter and nurse, as a profession.

I have created this blog with regards to my "black beauty" that will be shown bellow on the gallery.

It's my "soul truck" and I wouldn't have given up on it if I had alternative.

I want you all to know that no matter how long it takes to find the right person, I will give this truck to someone that will be able to love it and take care of it as we (me and my family) did. 

You will find bellow full details of the truck, pictures attached with all points of view of the it and my personal e-mail address where you may contact me for further details of the payment and shipping information.